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Learn More With the arrival of the flu season, Baylor Genetics
is here to support you for COVID-19 and Flu testing.
One test, more answers with Whole Exome Sequencing When a patient’s medical history and physical exam strongly suggests an underlying genetic cause, we recommend Whole Exome Sequencing. LEARN MORE Take the first step with Chromosomal MicroArray Analysis Learn More When a patient needs a cost-effective first-tier testing option that analyzes changes in segments of DNA, we recommend chromosomal microArray analysis.

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Genetic testing is not just the core of our business, it’s in our DNA.

The Baylor Genetics team consists of PhDs and genetic counselors who have been featured in prominent journals, such as JAMA, Science, and Nature. In addition to our team, Baylor Genetics is complemented with the staff, medical geneticists, faculty, genetic counselors, and researchers at Baylor College of Medicine.

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